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You can use Spectacle's web app and Chrome plugin to create a video.

Recording and capturing actions 🎥

Instead of recording your screen, Spectacle captures every action (clicks, form submissions, etc.) and arranges those on a timeline.

You’ll see Spectacle capturing this in real time in the right hand corner of the app.

Once completed, you’ll see a live preview of your video and timeline of actions. There’ll always be a status shown underneath your video to show what version it is.

Editing your video ✂️

Then you can customize your video with features like:

  • Add Text-to-speech voice over

  • Choose from from 30+ languages

  • Enable subtitles by default

  • Add Background music

  • Add mp4 video

  • Adjust playback speed

  • Shorten or extend individual Actions

Automatically updating your video 🔁

When it's time to update the video (e.g. after product changes), you can hit the “Record Video” button. Spectacle's bot will create a new version of your video by replaying the actions on the timeline whilst simultaneously recording its screen.

Just like when you first initially recorded and captured actions, you’ll see Spectacle capturing the updated version in real time in the right hand corner of the app.

When it’s completed, you’ll see the status “Showing live version” and confirmation your video has been updated.

The embed url for the video will always point to the latest version. You don’t need to manually update this link.

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