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Steps for getting started
Steps for getting started

Quick guide for setting up your account & creating your first video.

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Below is a quick overview for how to get started using Spectacle.

Create your account

You can do this for free using your email or Google account.

Install the Chrome extension

Once you sign up to use Spectacle, you’ll be guided through a few steps for adding the Chrome Extension.

To start creating tutorial videos you will need to install the Spectacle Chrome extension. This is available in the Google Chrome store.

Important: You will need to enable “Allow in Incognito” in the settings. See why here.

Create your first video

After installing the extension, you’re ready to start creating your first video.

  1. Go to the Spectacle website & log in

  2. Click “Create new video”

  3. Add a title for your video

  4. Enter the URL of the website you want to record

Create your first tutorial video by adding a video title and a website URL you would like to record and capture actions.

Note: The URL is the page on your website where the Video will start from. You’ll be able to capture actions on other pages as you record, you don’t need to create separate videos for each individual page.

Additionally, you can change the URL at any time. This is just a starting point.

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