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How to install the Spectacle Chrome extension
How to install the Spectacle Chrome extension

Instructions for installing the Chrome extension.

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Spectacle uses a Chrome Extension in order to Capture any Actions you would like to have included in your Videos.

Install the Spectacle Chrome Extension from the Google Chrome Store. Once this is installed, you can begin creating tutorial videos.

Once you sign up to use Spectacle, you’ll be guided through a few steps:

  • You’ll head to the Google Chrome store

  • Click on the blue "Add to Chrome" button.

  • Select "Add extension" in the confirmation box pop-up.

  • Enable “Allow in Incognito” in the extension settings

The extension requires certain permissions, which you can read about here. These permissions are generally a default for any video recording applications and are only used for their intended use.

Most importantly, Spectacle will never record data while you're not using Spectacle. When recording, you’ll see the Spectacle Heads Up Display (HUD)⏯.

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