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Your default video settings
Your default video settings

Details about default video settings and how to adjust to your preferences.

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Manage your video settings, including which part of your screen should be captured in the video.

Recording location

The location from where Spectacle will record this Video.

This can be important for websites that display different content (e.g. cookie banners, geo-targeted content etc.) based on the visitor's location.

Spectacle automatically chooses the best Recording Location based on your location. However, you can manually change the location.

Re-Record Video on Timeline changes

Automatically start a new Video Recording when changes are made to the Timeline.

Changes to the timeline could be adjusting Actions, adding or editing voice over, adding background music, etc.

If you prefer to make all your changes all at once then re-record after you are done making edits, you should disable the default setting.

Stop ongoing Recording when starting new Recording

Automatically stop any ongoing Recordings when starting a new Recording.

Note: If you disable the setting above (Re-Record Video on Timeline changes), this will be automatically disabled as well.

Show browser window in Video

The default setting is to Show Website Only.

Show website only: capture the contents of the current web page, showing only what's displayed on the current web page. This is recommended for tutorial videos and product demos, so you can focus on your SaaS product without any distractions from other elements on your desktop.

Include browser window: Recording includes both the website and the browser interface. This gives viewers a more comprehensive view, allowing them to see the URL, tabs, and any browser extensions or tools in use. It's a bit like inviting them into your virtual browsing experience.

Most users only want to show the website. But ultimately, this is your own preference.

Enable dark mode

Prefer dark mode during recording.

For example, if you are showcasing a website or application that has a dark mode option, enabling dark mode during the recording will demonstrate how the content looks in that specific mode. It can be particularly useful for demonstrating different viewing options or ensuring that your audience gets a clear view of how the interface appears in different settings.

Here's how to edit these settings:

  1. Log in to Spectacle

  2. Go to your video library and click edit

  3. In the video editor, next to the Record button, click "..." and select Settings

  4. Adjust video settings as needed

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