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How to add Actions to your video
How to add Actions to your video

See how to add Actions to a new video or additional Actions to an existing video

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Actions are individual interactions on a site, like a click or a form fill. Spectacle captures these Actions to create your video.

Here’s how to add Actions to your video.

Adding Actions to a new video

When creating a new video, you’ll see a prompt in your video editor to begin capturing Actions for your video.

  1. Click Start capturing Actions

  2. Spectacle will direct you to the starting URL

  3. You’ll see Now Capturing Actions box

    • The Spectacle Heads Up Display (HUD) will show if you are recording

  4. Interact with your website (or application) as desired

    • This could be logging in, clicking on links, filling out a form, or anything else you want to highlight in your video

  5. When you’re done capturing Actions, click Finish

Then you’ll be ready for editing and adding the final touches to your video like voice over and background music.

Adding Actions to an existing video

If you have an existing video, you can add Actions after your initial recording. This makes it easy to update your video to include additional steps, without having to start over.

  1. Open the video editor of an existing video

  2. In the video’s timeline, go to the end of your Actions

  3. Click Add

Then you’ll have a few options:

Capture more Actions: This will open the website of the existing video and allow you to add more Actions to the end of the Timeline.

Navigate to page: This adds an Action to navigate to a new URL

Play video media*: Add video (mp4) to play

*Play Video Media can be your own media, such as an animated logo or company intro. This feature is part of our Pro Plan.

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